1. ==HJ Who?  ==

​When Music and Cononel Spyke woke up with no memory to know who they are, they're convince there best friends.  

  1. ==  Making the Grade ==
Baby discovers that she didn't make her fifth grade test for a while and she only have two weeks to past.
2. == Big Screen Angel ==

Angel get scouted by Mitchell Novoa for her stunt and becomes a movie star.

3. == Rudie the Genius ==  

Tired of his failed motives to make HJ5 famous, Rudie found Love's Personality Reversal Belt and transform into his ego version, Randy

  1.  == No Pain, No Gain ==
 HJ5 is challenge by Sammy Starr for a game of Football, if they lose they'll loose their fame forever. 
  1. == G Wants a Cracker == 

When Love accidently turn G into a parrot they have to search for her at the national bird reserve.

  1. == Music Con Castaways ==

HJ5 is heading to Music con, but things goes awry when they get lost in the woods.

  1. == A Pal for Chewie ==

Love adopt a pet Gather snake for Chewie to play with, but this snake is not what is a pose to be. 

  1.  == A Tale of Two Geniuses == 


  1. == Wrestling with Music == 


  1. == Super HJ5 ==


  1. == The Prankmaster ==