Say-Wah is a character in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Say-Wah debuted in the episode Game Over where she trapped G and the other girls inside a video game by delivering an unmarked package to their lounge. Once trapped inside the game, Say-Wah would create challenges and obstacles that the girls would successfully complete. In a flashback of G's, Say-Wah was seen begging to join the band.She thought her voice would be a perfect addition, but G thought the band was perfect just the way it was. Angered by this, Say-Wah planned her revenge. After beating the game, Say-Wah's avatar in the game exploded, although it is unknown what effect this had on the real Saywah.

Say-Wah next appears in Supersonic HJ5, where she keeps appearing in every public photo taken of HJ5, causing Mauve Madison to announce that HJ5 is adding a sixth member to their lineup.
Love deduces that Saywah is using isotopic shoes to move at hypersonic speeds and invents a device that allows the band to move nearly as fast.
Late at night, the girls see Say-Wah sneaking into the patent office and when they confront her, she reveals her plan, that the photobombing was just a distraction, that she plans to steal the copyright notice of HJ5's latest song and release it as her own song.
After battling Say-Wah at superspeed, the girls manage to slow her down by spilling water on her shoes, which shorts them out.
As Say-Wah is almost paralysed by the malfunctioning shoes, it's easy for the girls to take the copyright notice back and leave Say-Wah stranded on the rooftop.

It is implied during this episode that Say-Wah was a former friend of G before she became the leader of HJ5.
Her voice has an autotune effect applied to it, because she believes this makes her voice "sound perfect".

Say-Wah's third appearance is in And The Winner Is, where Busy Busy Jones pits her in a reality tv contest against HJ5 to determine who will win a record contract with her company.
While on a break between shooting segments, HJ5 and Rudie accidentally overhear Busy Busy Jones talking on the phone about how the whole show is just staged to embarrass HJ5 on public television for her own pleasure.
Since they don't want the contract anymore, HJ5 intentionally lose the contest so Say-Wah will win instead of them.

A flashback with Angel reveals that Say-Wah had auditioned to be the 5th member of HJ5 when G was holding open auditions to form the band, but because G disapproved of Say-Wah's performance, the 5th spot was actually given to Angel who auditioned after Say-Wah.


  • Say-Wah's name is a reference to the phrase "Say What?"

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