The Ponycorn Cup is an event that takes places in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


The event was introduced in Phony Ponies. There were 4 (official) competitors in the cup:

And two (that were announced) events:

  • Rainbow Hurdles
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics

Phillipa Crop was the judging official and Mauve Madison provided live commentary. Throughout the race the pony corns would turn violent and target the closest person who was wearing a hat. It turns out Phillipa Crop was behind the ponycorn hat attacks. Although the event never officially ended, Baby was the only one that was able to maintain control of her ponycorn, Pistachio, throughout the entire competition and was seen earning a first place medal in one of the events.

HJ5 was selected as the closing ceremony act, but their concert gets cut short when the tentacle monster (that was seen earlier in the episode) returns.


  • Phillipa Crop has won the Ponycorn Cup a total of 16 times in her career.