Pink is a notable female fluffle. She first appeared in G, This Is Awfully Deep. Her real name is unknown.


Pink is very domineering over the fluffles, so she may hold high power within the social circle. She doesn't like surfies (with the exception of Love) and seems very into science and history.


Pink first appeared in G, This Is Awfully Deep where she stops the other fluffles from carrying them away. She gives them a tour of her city and is impressed by Love's extensive knowledge of their architecture. She explains why her species lives underground and their relationship with humans. Pink reveals a prophetic drawing that shows a human that would become the fluffles queen and her friends that were shunned from society. She orders that the other members of HJ5 be put into a cage and held over a lava pit.

Later in the episode, the girls manage to escape and confront Love during her crowning ceremony. Pink persuades Love she doesn't need to be with them, but she disagrees, saying she would rather live amongst people who respected each other's differences. In the end, Pink seems to have made peace with the rest of HJ5.