Mr Smythe is a character that appears in Kuu Kuu Harajuku. He first appeared in Music Zoo.


He wears a traditional zookeeper's outfit and safari hat. He has brown hair and a mustache.


Mr. Smythe can be seen as grouchy, specially towards Music in the beginning of Music Zoo. He cares a lot about the zoo and the state of his animals and believes in following the rules. He keeps records of all the infractions of his patrons.


He first appears in Music Baby, telling HJ5 they can't perform due to Music failing her background check. He reveals that, since the age of 5, she's been a nuisance to the zoo and reveals a whole stack of infraction forms that ultimately leads to her being banned. The girls are able to get Music a probation period, but Smythe swears he'll keep a close eye on her, in hopes she will mess up, and if she does, she'll be banned permanently.

At the end of the episode, after helping round up the Howlie Hounds, he mentions Music is allowed at the zoo any time. However, another member of HJ5 failed a background check, this time it was Baby for hugging almost every species of animals at the zoo.

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