Chewie is a character that appears in Kuu Kuu Harajuku.


Chewie made his debut in the episode Hello Puppy. He was sent to G as a gift from an admirer and he seemed relatively harmless, but Music was skeptical of him when he started misbehaving. After further investigation, it turns out Chewie was under General Nofun's hypnosis, which is why he misbehaved so much. After breaking the spell, Chewie became a loyal pet and friend to the girls. After this episode he becomes a recurring character on the show.

He attacks the fluffles in G, This Is Awfully Deep.

In Yummy Bear Nado he seems to have a disdain for Yummy Bear.

Chewie wins the magazine cover contest in Super Kawaii Sunday.

Chewie accidentally gets sent to space in a rocket ship and manages to make over 100 clones of himself in Kablooey Chewie.

Season 1

Season 2